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Residential and Commercial Agents

Commissions and Fees

Standard Fees - Agents


Errors and Omission and Contract Compliance Fee: $550.00 annually*


Covererage includes a Cyber Security policy to protect you against a possible data breach of you Clients confidential information. 


Technology Fees (view benefits): $100.00 monthly*




Standard Fees - Clients and Customers


Transaction Commission Fees: $395.00 per transaction*

This additional commission is paid by Buyer and Seller Clients or Customers.


Listing Commission Fees


Residential:  5% - 6%*

Commercial: 1.5%-12%


*Current Rates - as of November 2017 (subject to change as necessary)

Standard Commission Splits


Residential and Commercial: 80/20


Agents earn 80% of Gross Commissions from day 1.


Rain Maker Commission: 60/40


Participate in our Broker supplied leads program and you'll receive pre-qualified leads of buyers and sellers. This program is paid on a 60/40 split.



Mentoring Program


Recruit agents and they'll will be your Mentee. You'll earn 1% Mentor commission on every commission they earn. This additional commission is paid from Sachs Realty.


Additionally, for every agent recruit, you'll earn an additional

commission of $1500.00 per agent.